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A stack of documents with a title page that reads Probate and a gavel

What is Probate Litigation?

What is probate litigation? For many people, this question may rarely come to mind. However, there are some circumstances under which understanding probate litigation may prove crucial, such…
Business partners discussing details of a contract with an attorney

Contract Risk Management

According to the American Bar Association, contracts, which are legal agreements between two or more parties, are often complex and challenging to read. Due to their complexity, they…
Businesswomen discussing a contract

Types Of Contract Clauses

Contracts form the cornerstone of many businesses. While some people may be tempted to use boilerplate contracts or contract provisions, every word contained in a contract can have…
Business partners going over paperwork with their lawyer

Why You Need A Transactional Lawyer

Transactional lawyers provide legal guidance on a variety of financial matters, both for businesses and individuals. Companies often hire transactional lawyers for assistance with business transactions like mergers,…
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Estate Planning Glossary

Estate planning is the process of designing a strategy to ensure the efficient administration and disposition of a person’s property, typically through executing a variety of legal documents.…
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