Securing Your Young Adult’s Future: The Importance of a Basic Estate Plan

As young adults transition into independence, there’s a whirlwind of changes and challenges they face, from pursuing higher education to starting their careers. Amidst these pivotal moments, it’s easy to overlook one critical aspect: estate planning. Yet, ensuring that young adults have a solid estate plan in place is essential for their well-being and the peace of mind of their parents or guardians.

At Von Rock Law, we understand the unique needs of young adults aged 18 and over, extending up to graduates at 26. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Basic Estate Plan, designed to provide essential legal, financial, and medical protections for young adults as they navigate through the complexities of adulthood.

What Does Our Basic Estate Plan Include?

Durable Power of Attorney: This legal document empowers parents or guardians to make important financial decisions on behalf of their young adult child, even in their absence.

Advance Health Care Directive: Ensure your child’s medical wishes are known and respected by granting you the authority to make healthcare decisions on their behalf.

HIPAA Authorization: Access your child’s medical records and communicate with healthcare providers seamlessly, ensuring continuity of care.

Simple Will: Plan for the unexpected by outlining asset distribution and guardianship arrangements, providing clarity and security for your family’s future.

FERPA Consent Form: Stay involved in your child’s academic journey by accessing their educational records, including grades and transcripts.

Why Choose Our Plan?

Our Basic Estate Plan is specifically tailored for young adults, offering essential protections without overwhelming complexity. Here’s why it’s the ideal choice:

Peace of Mind: Rest assured knowing that you’ve taken proactive steps to safeguard your young adult’s well-being and assets.

Convenience: Enjoy a streamlined process with a 30-minute consultation, document preparation, and in-person notary services.

Digital and Paper Copies: Receive both digital and paper copies of all plan documents for your records, ensuring easy access when needed.

Special Offer: Discounts Available

Unlock exclusive discounts when you pair our Basic Estate Plan with your own Estate Plan or a sibling’s plan.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your young adult’s future. Invest in their well-being today and provide them with the support and security they need as they navigate through adulthood.

To learn more about our Basic Estate Plan and how it can benefit your family, schedule a consultation with us today. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

In conclusion, estate planning isn’t just for the elderly or wealthy—it’s for everyone, including young adults embarking on their life journey. By taking proactive steps now, you can ensure that your young adult is prepared for whatever the future may hold.

For more information and personalized assistance, contact the team at Von Rock Law. Let’s work together to secure your young adult’s future.

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