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Estate Planning Attorney San Francisco CA

Whether you are just starting out or nearing the end, We can help preserve your legacy.

While no one likes to think about death, it is important to have a plan in place so that your loved ones will not have the burden of making a long list of critical decisions during such a difficult time. If you do not have an estate plan, state law will dictate how your property is distributed after you die. This could lead to some very unhappy surprises for your loved ones.

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No matter how old you are or the stage of life that you may be in, we are here to help preserve your story. With Von Rock Law, located in San Francisco, California, you get so much more than an average traditional law firm. You gain access to professional and experienced attorneys in the areas of estate planning, trust administration, probate, business formation and transactions, and real estate. Our team of lawyers will guide you and your family through every step of the process, ensuring that your future is secure.

The Importance of an Estate Plan

An estate plan ensures that your wishes are carried out after you die, and it can also provide peace of mind in knowing that you have taken care of everything ahead of time.

Working with an estate planning lawyer is the best way to ensure your plan is thorough and accurate. An estate planning attorney will help you decide what type of plan is right for you and will guide you through the process of creating and implementing your plan. A professional estate plan can ensure that your loved ones are cared for upon your passing.

The Von Rock Law legal team has collectively been providing California legal services for more than 75 years to help families plan for their futures. We are the best place to turn for professional estate planning services. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to learn how we can best serve you. 

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Efficient Practice

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Contemporary Technology

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We provide Estate Planning, Trust Administration, Probate, Business Formation and Transactions, and Real Estate Transactions.

Estate Planning Attorney San Francisco CA
Trust us with your legacy
An effective estate plan develops a comprehensive strategy for the future, protects your loved ones in the event of your death or incapacity, and allows for the person of your choosing to act on your behalf to make financial or medical decisions if you are unable to do so.
Trust administration & Probate Attorney San Francisco CA
Trust us to honor your loved one’s gift
Trust administration is the process of putting a trust based estate plan into action. Probate is a court-supervised process for distributing the individually owned assets of a deceased person. These processes are complex and the people you have designated to act for you must have competent and experienced counsel to guide them through the process.
Real Estate Attorney San Francisco CA
Trust us with your Real Estate Transactions
Our knowledgeable team advises real estate owners and investors on buying, selling, holding and managing properties individually, in Trusts, LLCs and Family LLCs.
Business Attorney San Francisco CA
Trust us with your business dream
We establish corporations and limited liablity companies best suited for our clients’ goals, and then act as day to day legal counsel to support our clients with ongoing business operational matters.
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Deidre Von Rock is an outstanding hire. It is a phenomenal experience working with her and the Von Rock Law Firm. She has olympic calm, is empathetic, always available, and takes the initiative to contact her clients. You'll get the work of three attorneys for the price of one.

Nancy N.

As a contractor based in San Francisco, I am constantly faced with legal issues. Deidre has provided me with invaluable legal advice regarding my operations and even negotiated an extremely favorable result from a very serious owner dispute. We refer Deidre to any contractor without hesitation.

Quincy Meere,

Pearl Painting

Deidre and her team did not skip a beat! You would have thought they have been working under pandemic conditions for years. They were that organized. Anyway, we have our trust AND will (who knew we needed a trust? Deidre, that's who!) and that is one major thing off our major life to-do list. All this to say I definitely recommend Deidre and her team!

Mallory G.

Deidre did an amazing job updating our wills and trusts. She is very thorough and organized. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wills/trust attorney.

Shannon C.

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